Eldon can take care of your special requirements

We are proud of our broad range of standard enclosures and our ability to deliver a customer-specific enclosure solution. We go the extra mile to deliver solutions from early stage specifications, created together with you, through prototypes to batch delivery, to give you peace of mind in meeting your customer’s needs

Our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing expertise enables us to modify standard enclosures to meet very specific requirements of an individual customer. This means we can make enclosures with an array of special solutions, increased corrosion resistance, custom colors, various cut-outs and transparent windows as well as ventilation louvers, welded studs and mounted accessories, for example.

For large batch sizes, we include hole making and cut-outs in the actual production process. For smaller batches, we offer modification opportunities at our Service Centers located at Eldon’s six European warehouses. Thanks to our Service Center approach, lead times can be dramatically cut.

Assembly services to reduce costs

To further support our customers, we take on assembly of our own accessories as well as the assembly of customer specific accessories. These can be sourced by the customer or developed together with the customer and purchased by Eldon. Our purpose with this service is to help customers reduce their costs by us taking over some of the labor-intensive assembly work. We are able to do this Eldon thanks to our cost efficient labor and efficient assembly capabilities.

The process includes engineering with the customer, creating drawings and 3D CAD models, as well as the creation of prototypes to ensure meeting exact customer demands when it comes to price and functionality.

Additional services

Eldon can handle certification of customized enclosures and also offers a stock keeping service to customers placing regular orders for customized enclosures.

Your benefits:

  • Complete customization capabilities
  • Extensive experience leading to efficient solutions
  • Assembly services that will contribute to shorter lead times and lower cost
  • Stock keeping of customized enclosures