ALL508 Lock, chrome, Ronis M21323

These cylinder locks offer many standard and optional locking configurations to replace the standard double-bit 3mm insert.

ALL508 Product Image
Description Chrome plated lock with cylinder
Type Ronis key n° M21323
Protection IP 65
ALL Product Image
Item no.: ALL508
EAN no.: 8713574072176
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Technical data


Alternative locks to replace the standard one.

Pack quantity:

1 piece.



Cylinder locks for mild steel wall mounted enclosures.


The cylinder replaces the standard double-bit 3mm insert in the enclosure's standard lock.


The cylinder limits the access to the enclosure via different key options. Specific locking cylinders maybe selected based on the specification set by the end user.


Due to the number of different key configurations, some are available as standard; Others are available on request.

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