36009 Adapter slim 16A

CrossBoard adapter with fuse-carrier 16 A. Makes mounting of measuring and mounting realays easy.

CrossBoard Adapter Slim
Item no.: 36009
EAN no.: 4021267360092
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Technical data


3 pole adapter, 16 A. One fixed mounting rail, with fuse-carrier 10 × 38 / Class CC. With cables 2.5 mm².

Rated voltage:

690 V

Rated current:

16 A

Power dissipation at 80% load:

2.6 W


22.5 × 160 × 85 mm

Pack quantity:

1 pc.





Universal adapter with fuse compartment for 10 × 38 Class CC fuses, max 16 A. To be mounted on the CrossBoard platform


Slim adapter to which measuring and monitoring relays can be mounted


Relays can be mounted on the adapter together with an internal fuse for the components. The adapter has a slim design. Cylindric fuses are not included

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