32486 Busbar adapter 32A

Universal busbar adapter, with one adjustable mounting rail and with spring terminals 1.5-6 mm².

Busbar adapter 32A, without cables
Width 45 mm
Item no.: 32486
EAN no.: 4021267324865
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Technical data


Busbar adapter 32 A. With one adjustable mounting rail. Without cables, with spring terminals 1.5 - 6 mm².

Rated voltage:

690 V

Rated current:

32 A

For busbars:

12, 15, 20, 25, 30 × 5, 10

Power dissipation at 80% load:

1.6 W



Pack quantity:

1 pcs.



Busbar adapter for easy mounting of motor starter combinations from various manufactures


The busbar adapter has one adjustable mounting rail. It is pre-fitted with spring terminals 1.5-6 mm² wich speeds up connecting. Click mechanism when fitting on the busbar


Universal user friendly busbar adapter. Cost effective solution for different motor starter combinations

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