Metallic hole seals Metallic Hole Seals

Seal extra pushbutton holes, conduit holes and knockout openings against dust, dirt, oil and water.

CE CSA cULus_UL Listed
Feature: IP66, TYPE 4, 4X
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Item list

Item no. Description Finish Maximum holes Diameter Hole-sealer Diameter Pack quantity
AS056MSS Hole seal SS M16 Stainless steel 14 20 1
AS056MLG Hole seal M16 Sheet metal 14 20 1
AS050SS Hole seal SS M20 Stainless steel 22 35 1
AS050LG Hole seal M20 RAL 7035 powder coating 22 35 1
AS075SS Hole seal SS M25 Stainless steel 27 40 1
AS075LG Hole seal M25 RAL 7035 powder coating 27 40 1
ASPBSS Hole seal SS 30.5-pushbutton Stainless steel 32 44 1
ASPBLG Hole seal 30.5-pushbutton RAL 7035 powder coating 32 44 1
AS100SS Hole seal SS M32 Stainless steel 35 48 1
AS100LG Hole seal M32 RAL 7035 powder coating 35 48 1
AS125SS Hole seal SS M40 Stainless steel 43 56 1
AS125LG Hole seal M40 RAL 7035 powder coating 43 56 1
AS150SS Hole seal SS M50 Stainless steel 51 64 1
AS150LG Hole seal M50 RAL 7035 powder coating 51 64 1
AS200SS Hole seal SS M63 Stainless steel 64 76 1
AS200LG Hole seal M63 RAL 7035 powder coating 64 76 1

Technical data


Seal extra pushbutton holes, conduit openings and knockout openings against dust, dirt, oil and water with Hoffman Hole-Sealers. Seals will cover any size or shape of hole from 5mm diameter to maximum diameter shown in table. Can be used on enclosure walls up 8-mm thick.


Steel seals have polyester powder paint finish over galvanized front surface. Stainless steel seals have polished front surface.


IP66, TYPE 4, 4X.



Available in multiple sizes. Oil-resistant gasket provided.


In cases when unwanted openings have been made in the enclosure, Hole Seals will cover the holes maintaing the IP.


Easy to correct unwanted conduit openings in the enclosure.

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