EXE-NB ZONEX, Polyester Terminal Box

ZONEX polyester terminal boxes are ideal for field terminations in hazardous locations. Thanks to the high-temperature silicone gasket and stainless steel screws, it can be used to protect equipment and terminations from corrosive contaminants, while meeting rigorous demands. The enclosures meets ATEX Directives 94/9/EC and IECEx standards for increased safety in housing electrical components in Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications.

ATEX CE Declaration of Conformity Declaration of Compliance IECEx
Feature: Ex eb IIC Gb; Ex tb IIIC Db; IP 66 TYPE 4, 4X, 12
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Item list

Item no. Description Height
EXE807555 Terminal box Ex, 80x75x55 75 80 55
EXE807575 Terminal box Ex, 80x75x75 75 80 75
EXE1107555 Terminal box Ex, 110x75x55 75 110 55
EXE1107575 Terminal box Ex, 110x75x75 75 110 75
EXE1607555 Terminal box Ex, 160x75x55 75 160 55
EXE1607575 Terminal box Ex, 160x75x75 75 160 75
EXE1907555 Terminal box Ex, 190x75x55 75 190 55
EXE1907575 Terminal box Ex, 190x75x75 75 190 75
EXE12212090 Terminal box Ex, 122x120x90 120 122 90
EXE22012090 Terminal box Ex, 220x120x90 120 220 90
EXE16016090 Terminal box Ex, 160x160x90 160 160 90
EXE26016090 Terminal box Ex, 260x160x90 160 260 90
EXE36016090 Terminal box Ex, 360x160x90 160 360 90
EXE56016090 Terminal box Ex, 560x160x90 160 560 90
EXE255250120 Terminal box Ex, 255x250x120 250 255 120
EXE400250120 Terminal box Ex, 400x250x120 250 400 120
EXE400405120 Terminal box Ex, 400x405x120 405 400 120

Technical data


Polyester terminal box for increased safety Ex e applications. Compression-moulded glass fibre reinforced polyester with added agents to address static charge build-up. Internal M4 or M6 stainless steel inserts for DIN- and panel-mounting. Mounting location dimensions are moulded into the back side of the enclosure. Covered mounting screw provisions outside of gasketed area.


Body and cover: Compression-moulded, high-impact strength, glass fibre reinforced polyester. Screws: Stainless steel.


Retained, continuous, high-temperature silicone gasket within a labyrinth seal between cover and body.

Operating temperature:

-50 to +100 °C


UL 94 V-0.


IP 66 | TYPE 4, 4X, 12


Moulded material has a smooth, low-gloss, black finish RAL 9005.


ATEX DIRECTIVE 94/9/EC; ATEX; TUV 13 ATEX120808U; Ex eb IIC Gb; Ex tb IIIC Db IP 66; EN60079-0; EN60079-7; EN60079-31; Service temperature -50 to +100 °C; IECEx; IECEx TUV 13.0001U; Ex eb IIC Gb; Ex tb IIIC Db IP 66; IEC 60079-0; IEC 60079-7; IEC 60079-31; Service temperature -50 to +100 °C


Body, door and cover screws.


This is not an explosion-proof enclosure. Mounting plate available separately.



ATEX- and IECEx-certified enclosure polyester terminal box, available in a wide range of sizes, with a high IP 66 protection degree.


Time and cost savings in the end-use investigation process of the final assembly.


Certification of final assembly is easier if enclosures are certified.

Document (PDF) ATEX 228 KB
Document (PDF) CE Declaration of Conformity 91 KB
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