ELD Door-operated switch for LED enclosure lights

Ready to use door swich for LED enclosure lights with a pre-fitted cable.

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Item list

Item no. Description Type Length Pack quantity
ELD0801E Door switch with TPS Cable CE 800 1
ELD0801U Door switch with TPS Cable UL 800 1
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
EL1200D24V - - LED enclosure light
EL1200DS - - LED enclosure light
EL1200M - - LED enclosure light
EL1200M24V - - LED enclosure light
EL1200MS - - LED enclosure light
EL900D - - LED enclosure light
EL900DS - - LED enclosure light
ELA - - Accessories for fixation 
ELC - - Connection cables
DSW - - This door switch will allow lights or other electrical devices to turn on, or off, when the enclosure door is opened.

Technical data


This door switch is used with LED enclosure lights that don't have a motion detector. Delivered with a 800mm TPS cable.


31 × 31 × 63 × 800

Pack quantity:

1 piece including cable and door switch.



Door switch controlling the LED enclosure light. The door switch is mounted directly to the enclosure frame.


The door switch can be easily installed in the enclosure and is operated by either opening or closing the enclosure door to swich the LED enclosure light on of off.


The door switch does not consume additional energy as it breaks the electrical contact with the connected decive when operated. With the pre-fitted TPS cable the installation is plug and play, which reduces the assembly time.

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Mounting instructions document (PDF) EL LED enclousre lights 3 MB