ELA Mounting accessories for the LED enclosure light

Mounting accessories for LED enclosure lights. Choose between magnet or screw fixation.

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Item list

Item no. Description Pack quantity Type
ELA02MF Magnet fixation for EL 2 Magnet
ELA02SF Screw fixation for EL 2 Screw
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
EL1200D24V - - LED enclosure light
EL1200DS - - LED enclosure light
EL1200M - - LED enclosure light
EL1200M24V - - LED enclosure light
EL1200MS - - LED enclosure light
EL900D - - LED enclosure light
EL900DS - - LED enclosure light
ELC - - Connection cables
ELD - - Door switch with pre-assembled cable
DSW - - This door switch will allow lights or other electrical devices to turn on, or off, when the enclosure door is opened.

Technical data


Accessories for alternative mounting of an LED enclosure light.


Bracket for screw fixation, and magnets for magnet fixation.

Pack quantity:

2 pcs.



Accessories for alternative fixation


Screw fixation or alternatively magnet fixation.


Makes it possible to mount EL lights if no enclosure profile is available.


The screw fixation should always be used when the quick fixation is used.

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Mounting instructions document (PDF) EL LED enclousre lights 3 MB
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