MCSL-PD Combinable enclosure | Distribuição de energia

The mild steel combinable floor standing enclosure range, MCSL, is available off the shelf in many different sizes, and is ideal for power distribution applications. The front opening can be segregated with partial panels or doors to meet power distribution system requirements. Only parts required will be delivered, which means full flexibility, lower costs, and greater procurement efficiency will be achieved.

Caracteristicas: IP 44,55 TYPE 12, 13 IK 10
MCSL Product Image
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Lista de artigos

Nrº de artigo Descrisão Profundidade
Passos de 50 mm
MCSL18046R5 Armário de solo, 1800x400x600 600 400 1800
MCSL18064R5 Armário de solo, 1800x600x400 400 600 1800
MCSL18066R5 Armário de solo, 1800x600x600 600 600 1800 32
MCSL18084R5 Armário de solo, 1800x800x400 400 800 1800
MCSL18086R5 Armário de solo, 1800x800x600 600 800 1800
MCSL18104R5 Armário de solo, 1800x1000x400 400 1000 1800
MCSL18106R5 Armário de solo, 1800x1000x600 600 1000 1800
MCSL18124R5 Armário de solo, 1800x1200x400 400 1200 1800
MCSL18126R5 Armário de solo, 1800x1200x600 600 1200 1800 32
MCSL20046R5 Armário de solo, 2000x400x600 600 400 2000 36
MCSL20064R5 Armário de solo, 2000x600x400 400 600 2000
MCSL20066R5 Armário de solo, 2000x600x600 600 600 2000
MCSL20084R5 Armário de solo, 2000x800x400 400 800 2000
MCSL20086R5 Armário de solo, 2000x800x600 600 800 2000
MCSL20104R5 Armário de solo, 2000x1000x400 400 1000 2000
MCSL20106R5 Armário de solo, 2000x1000x600 600 1000 2000
MCSL20124R5 Armário de solo, 2000x1200x400 400 1200 2000
MCSL20126R5 Armário de solo, 2000x1200x600 600 1200 2000 36
MCSL22046R5 Armário de solo, 2200x400x600 600 400 2200
MCSL22066R5 Armário de solo, 2200x600x600 600 600 2200
MCSL22086R5 Armário de solo, 2200x800x600 600 800 2200
MCSL22088R5 Armário de solo, 2200x800x800 800 800 2200
MCSL22106R5 Armário de solo, 2200x1000x600 600 1000 2200
MCSL22108R5 Armário de solo, 2200x1000x800 800 1000 2200
MCSL22126R5 Armário de solo, 2200x1200x600 600 1200 2200
Gama Mandatory Accessories Acessórios relacionados Similar accessories Descrisão
MSPS - - 0
MSCC - - Shelf for ACB / MCCB breakers
MSFP - - 0
MSHS - - Horizontal busbar support for two bars up to 120 x 10 mm

Informação Tecnica


Frame: 1.5 painted steel. Rear and roof panels: 1.5 mm painted steel.


Seam welded reversed open profiles with 25 mm hole pattern according to DIN 43660. Including integrated external hole pattern.

Painel posterior:

Fitted by M6 torx screws. Standard facilities for rear door mounting.

Painel de tecto:



All panels are earthed through their fittings and are equipped with a separate earthing stud.


RAL 7035 structured powder coating.


IP 44, 55 | TYPE 12, 13 | IK 10, depending of doors configuration.

Requisitos de montagem:

Standard delivery ready for combined installation. For stand-alone installation add side panels.


Frame, rear and roof panel. Delivery also includes earthing bolts. Delivered on a pallet with identical width of the enclosure to allow suiting without removal. All packing material is recyclable.



Mild steel combinable floor standing enclosure, available in a wide range of sizes, without a front door and bottom plates for power distribution applications.


A flexible solution where customers can choose enclosures that meet their size requirements, off the shelf, in order to create enclosure configurations made up of smaller individual enclosures. The enclosure's front opening can be segregated by mounting partial panels or doors to meet the requirements of the power and distribution system, for example, for a motor control centre (MCC).


Providing an application specific product ensures that customers costs are reduced, as the parts of the enclosure that are not required are not received, which in turn increases procurement efficiency.


The enclosure's front opening needs to be fully covered by using specified parts, such as partial doors, DP, or partial panels, DPP, in order to achieve the stated protection degree.

Documento de instruçoes de montagem (PDF) Mild steel combinable MCSL 17 MB
Imagem (JPG 600 x 600 px) MCSL Product Image 32 KB