GLM-GA Sliding nuts for mounting rails

These mounting rail sliding nuts allow components to be fixed in any position on the rail, which means components and equipment can be easily installed exactly where required.

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Item list

Item no. Description Thread To be used with
GLM20-6P Sliding nut M6 20x20 rail M6 CP1020, CP1020U, CP2020, CP2020U
GLM20-8P Sliding nut M8 20x20 rail M8 CP1020, CP1020U, CP2020, CP2020U
GLM40-6P Sliding nut M6 20x40 rail M6 CP2040, CP2040U, CLPF profiles
GLM40-8P Sliding nut M8 20x40 rail M8 CP2040, CP2040U, CLPF profiles
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
CLPF - - Profile system for mounting of accessories, components, and other equipment in floor standing enclosures.
CP - - Mounting rails in different dimensions, with or without hole pattern.

Technical data


Sliding nuts to be used with CP mounting rails and CLPF mounting profiles for easy installation of components.


Zinc plated steel.

Pack quantity:

50 pieces.



Zinc plated sliding nuts to be used with mounting rails or profiles.


The sliding nuts allow components to be adjusted continuously along the entire profile.


The continuous adjustment means that customers can install components and equipment exactly where they need to.

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