LTLNC Light cover for LTLN lights

This cover protects the installed light from the environment to avoid harm and damage to personnel and equipment if broken.

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Item list

Item no. Description Description
LTLNC14 Cover for 14W LTLN lights Cover for LTLN14xx lights
LTLNC18 Cover for 18W LTLN lights Cover for LTLN18xx lights
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
LTLN - - Fluorescent light to be mounted in the hole pattern on the enclosure's frame.

Technical data


Polycarbonate cover for additional protection of the lamp in LTLN lights.





Polycarbonate cover for enclosure lights, LTLN.


The cover provides additional protection to the fluorescent tube, to avoid damage during both installation and operation.


The cover protects the installed electrical light from the installation environment ensuring that no harm or damage to personnel and equipment is caused, if the enclosure light is broken, which also avoids additional maintenance.

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