LTLN Enclosure light

Specifically designed light for floor standing enclosures that helps perform operations and maintenance in the field.

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Item list

Item no. Description Height
Luminosity Power consumption Voltage
LTLN1425 Enclosure light 14W 230V 50Hz 42 475 115 700 Lm 14 W 230 V
LTLN1426 Enclosure light 14W 230V 60Hz 42 475 115 700 Lm 14 W 230 V
LTLN1825 Enclosure light 18W 230V 50Hz 43 700 115 1350 Lm 18 W 230 V
LTLN1826 Enclosure light 18W 230V 60Hz 43 700 115 1350 Lm 18 W 230 V
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
CLF - - Power cable for LTSL light.
CLFO - - Orange power cable for LTLN light.
LTLNC - - Cover for protection of the lamp in LTLN lights.
LDSW - - Door switch with cable to use for connecting LTLN lights.
DSWC - - Door switch connecting cable to be used with LTLN lights.
LTP - - Ready to use interconnecting cable with connectors for LTLN lights.
LTPO - - Ready to use orange interconnecting cable with connectors for LTLN lights.
COF - - Female connectors for power cables for LTLN lights.
COM - - Male connectors for interconnection between LTLN lights.

Technical data


Fluorescent lamp especially designed to fit onto the inside hole pattern of an enclosure’s frame. The housing of the light is made of mild steel, powder coated in RAL 7035. The power output allows lights to be connected to each other (daisy chain). An integrated electrical socket enables the use of additional appliances.

Lamp type:

Fluorescent lamp T8.

Operating temperature:

-10 ºC to +40 ºC.

Socket type: :

Schuko. Other socket types available on request.


Connectors for power supply, power output, and door switch.





Fluorescent enclosure lights, available for different voltages and frequencies, for floor standing enclosures.


Off the shelf enclosure light, can be installed into enclosures that are located within different countries. The light can be easily mounted onto the enclosure's frame.


The enclosure light has been specifically designed for the floor standing enclosure frame. The light ensures both operation and maintenance procedures can be performed safely, in the field.


It is highly recommended to install a door switch to improve the enclosure's energy consumption.

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