COF L Female connectors for LTSL lights

These female connectors allow for different cables to be used for the connection of lights or connections between lights.

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Item list

Item no. Description
COF05L Female connectors for LTSL
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
LTSL - - LED light for all types of enclosures. It can be mounted with screws or magnetically.

Technical data



Pack quantity:

Pack of 5 female connectors for LTSL lights.



Female connectors for enclosure lights, LTS and LTSM.


Customers have the choice to install enclosure lights using their own cables, which can be cut to size. These connectors can be used to connect the enclosure light to a power source or to another enclosure light.


The connectors provide a flexible solution giving the customer the choice of which cables are used for installation.

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