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The FL21 plastic gland plate is a flexible cable management solution that should be installed directly onto the enclosure after it has been machined, or by using an adapter gland plate and standard tools, which reduces the labour cost.

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Item list

Item no. Description For opening
EHTC2125G Multigate-25 FL21 FL21
EHTC213G Multigate-3 FL21 FL21
EHTC2135G Multigate-35 FL21 FL21
EHTC2150G Multigate-50 FL21 FL21
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
AFA - - Gland plate for mild steel wall mounted enclosures with a cut-out for FL21 type gland plates.

Technical data


Gland plates suitable for leading through cables as well as different types of tubing. To be installed directly to the adapter gland plate AFA. Please see the cable management section.


Different types of polymers reinforced with a steel plate. Halogen free and UV resistant.


IP 65.


RAL 7035.

Pack quantity:

1 piece with mounting accessories.



FL21 plastic cable gland plates with different configurations of glands.


It can be installed in the usual FL21 cut-out directly machined in the enclosure, or using the standard AFA gland plate, which does not require any machining.


Flexible cable management solution using standard tools and/or related products, which reduces the labour cost.

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