MCSE Линейный шкаф, однодверный

The galvanised steel single door floor standing enclosure range, MCSE, is available off the shelf in different sizes. It is designed to meet EMC requirements. An excellent Faraday effect is created, since electrical conductivity between the enclosure body an door is guaranteed. The risk for component failure, and with that unnecessary downtime, is eliminated as electromagnetic interference is avoided and water and dust are prevented from entering the enclosure. This enclosure range is well suited for applications where EMC is required.

CE Declaration of Conformity GOST cULus_UL Listed
Характеристика: IP 54 TYPE 12 IK 10
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Список товаров

Номер товара Описание
Mounting Plate
Mounting Plate
Max. enclosure
useful depth
Gross weight
MCSE20086R5 Напольные шкафы, 2000x800x600 2000 1894 694 559 131.00
MCSE20088R5 Напольные шкафы, 2000x800x600 2000 1894 694 759 141.00

Все стандартные размеры MCS доступны в ЭМС-версии, под заказ доступны другие размеры. Для ЭМС используйте боковые стенки SPME.

Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Описание
SPME - -
CBPE - - Zinc plated steel bottom plate for connecting EMI cables in floor standing enclosure
EFE - - EMC filter fan, that maintains the EMC properties, for forced ventilation within the enclosure.
BGE - - EMC gasket for sealing the space between a floor standing enclosure's bottom plates

Технические данные


Рама: 1,5 мм / 1,75 мм листовая сталь. Двери: 1,75 мм оцинкованная листовая сталь. Крыша, задняя и боковые панели: 1,35 мм оцинкованная листовая сталь. Монтажная плата: 2,7 мм оцинкованная листовая сталь. Панели основания: 1 мм оцинкованная листовая сталь.


Крепится с помощью болтов TORX М6. Предусмотрена возможность замены на заднюю дверь.


В шкафах шириной 400 мм отсутствует монтажная панель, панель основания и дверная монтажная рама. *Также доступны шкафы из нержавеющей стали (CSSE).



Galvanised steel single door floor standing enclosure, designed to EMC requirements.


A flexible solution where customers can choose enclosures that meet their size requirements, off the shelf, in order to create enclosure configurations made up of smaller individual enclosures. Electric conductivity between the enclosure's body and door is guaranteed, which ensures a good Faraday effect is created.


Customers can receive enclosures with a short delivery time, that match their size requirements. Component and equipment failure, and unnecessary downtime is avoided as the components are protected from electromagnetic interferences as well as from water and dust entering the enclosure.


Galvanised steel side panels, SPME, need to be ordered separately, to close individual enclosures and enclosure assembly's, to ensure the stated protection degree and EMC performance is achieved. Only EMC rated accessories or peripherals that affect the enclosure's external walls should be used, using other accessories or peripherals will downgrade the enclosure's EMC performance.

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