EGK Anti condensation small heater

This small anti-condensation heater, EGK, is available with a heating capacity range of 10-30 watts. Its size makes it easy to also in tight spaces. Water condensation is eliminated, also when the ambient temperature drops sharply. For UL version please contact nVent HOFFMAN.

CE Declaration of Conformity EAC
Feature: IP 44
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Item list

Item no. Description Capacity
Starting current
EGK010 Heater 10W 10 52 120-240 V AC/DC 1.0 0.15
EGK020 Heater 20W 20 60 120-240 V AC/DC 2.5 0.15
EGK030 Heater 30W 30 70 120-240 V AC/DC 3.0 0.15

* The min / max voltage values for 120-240 V heaters are 110 / 265 V, operating with voltages below 140 V AC/DC reduces heating performance by approx. 10%.

Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
ETR - - Adjustable temperature thermostat with either a normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contact
EFR - - Fixed temperature thermostat with either a normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contact

Technical data


Small semiconductor heater to be fixed in vertical position to prevent condensation. Mounting clip for 35 mm DIN rail (EN60715). For UL version please contact nVent HOFFMAN.

Heating element:

PTC resistor.


Plastic, and anodised aluminium profile.

Operating temperature:

-45 °C to +70 °C. The heating capacity is for ambient temperature 20 °C.


3 × 0.5 mm² (300 mm) silicon cable. For UL heaters 3XAWG20 (300 mm) cable.


IP 44, Class I (earthed).



Pack quantity:

1 piece.



Anti-condensation small heater, available in a range of heating capacities.


The heater is available in different capacities from 10-30 watts. As it is small in size, the heater can be installed in tight spaces that have low heating requirements.


When installed, water condensation will be avoided especially in situations when the ambient temperature dramatically drops. Due to its low heating capacities, the heater can be installed in enclosures that have limited available space.


A thermostat with a normally closed contact, ETR or EFR, is recommended in order to control the heater.

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