MPG One-piece consoles in mild steel

The mild steel compact console, MPG, in a IP 55/56 protection degree is available off the shelf. It has a hinged desk panel, and the ergonomic design allows for easy installation and access to HMI-equipment. It also increases the mounting space available. Stainless steel top panels may be used as an alternative when the console is exposed chemical agents, etc.

CE Declaration of Conformity EAC GOST IP Declaration of Compliance Kema Keur - DEKRA Lloyd's Register cULus_UL Listed IEC 61439 Declaration of Compliance
Feature: IP 66 TYPE 4, 12, 13 IK 10 (single door); IP 55 TYPE 12, 13 IK 10 (double door)
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Item list

Mild steel

Item no. Description Height
Mounting Plate
Mounting Plate
Max. enclosure
useful depth
MPG06R5 Console, 985x600x400 985 600 400 790 499 333
MPG08R5 Console, 985x800x400 985 800 400 790 699 333
MPG10R5 Console, 985x1000x400 985 1000 400 790 899 333
MPG12R5 Console, 985x1200x400 985 1200 400 790 1099 333
MPG16R5 Console, 985x1600x400 985 1600 400 790 1499 333

Note: Only 1200 mm and 1600 mm wide consoles have double door.

Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
PF-HMI - - Plinth for mild steel floor standing enclosures with corner pieces and front and rear panels.
PST - - Plinth side panels for mild steel consoles.

Technical data


Body and door: 1.5 mm mild steel. Rear panel. 1.5 mm mild steel. Bottom plates: 1.2 mm galvanized steel. Mounting plate: 2.5 mm galvanized steel.


Folded and seam welded. Console construction includes a base that provides a distance between the floor and the lower part of the door/s, acting as an integrated plinth.

Doors and panels:

Single folded surface mounted with hinges, allowing left and right-hand opening to base door. Angle 12° from horizontal. Concealed hinges on top edge allow 90° opening. Panel held open by self engage/self release mechanical panel stay. Double door on 1200 and 1600 mm wide base units.

Mounting plate:

Standard mounting plate in base unit.


Double-bit 3 mm locks for top panel. For base, two double-bit 3 mm locks.

Cable inlet:

Bottom opening for cable access. Bottom plates for cable glanding supplied as standard.


M8 threaded studs on body, door, top panel and rear panel.


RAL 7035 structured powder coating.


Single door: IP 66 | TYPE 4, 12, 13 | IK 10. Double door: IP 55 | TYPE 12, 13 | IK 10.


Mounting plate and suitable nuts and washers for earthing. The console is delivered on a wooden pallet.



Mild steel compact console, with a hinged desk panel, and a IP 55/66 protection degree.


Customers can choose consoles that meet their size requirements, off the shelf. The top desk panel provides customers with a surface to easily install and maintain HMI equipment, due to the integrated hinges. The installed components inside the enclosure will be safe and secure due to the high protection degree.


Customers can receive consoles with a short delivery time, that match their size requirements. The console's ergonomic design lets customers install and access the HMI equipment easily. Component failure and unnecessary downtime is avoided as water and dust are prevented from entering the enclosure.


Stainless steel top section panels (MPPS) are available as accessories. Console desk sections are normally heavily used, due to the installed control components. Therefore, It is recommended to replace the panel on mild steel consoles, that are exposed to high levels of use, with stainless steel panels. Replacing mild steel sections for stainless steel prolongs the console's life as they are more resistant to corrosion. This is especially important in industries where the operators are exposed to chemical agents and could easily transfer them onto the console, when operated. Single door consoles have a IP 66 protection degree whereas double door consoles have a IP 55 protection degree.

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