MCM Mild steel industrial computer enclosure

This mild steel floor standing enclosure, MCM, is pre-configured with integrated accessories to ease mounting of industrial computers and peripherals. It can be ordered with one single item number, with all relevant accessories included, which simplifies procurement.

CE Declaration of Conformity GOST IP Declaration of Compliance
Feature: IP 44 IK 10
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Item list

Item no. Description Height
MCM16066 Floor standing, 1600x600x600 1600 600 600 111.00
MCM16068 Floor standing, 1600x600x800 1600 600 800 112.50
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
SHM - - Monitor shelf with monitor fixation clamps for floor standing enclosures.

Technical data


Frame: 1.5 mm steel plate. Roof and side panels: 1.35 mm steel plate. Doors: 2 mm steel plate. Bottom plates: 1 mm galvanized steel.


Seam welded reversed open profiles with 25 mm hole pattern, according to DIN 43660. Including integrated external hole pattern.


Mounted with two hinges per door. Top door with safety glass. Viewing area for 14"- 21"monitor. Two C21323 locks for the top door, and espagnolette two point locking system, with standard 3 mm double-bit lock for the bottom door.

Rear door:

Mounted with hinges, allowing left or right hand opening. Including door frame, with 25 mm hole pattern. Espagnolette four point locking system, with standard 3 mm double-bit lock.

Keyboard panel:

Vertical opening keyboard panel. Sliding mouse pad, allowing left or right hand use. Max keyboard dimensions: 470 × 190 × 45 mm. C21323 lock.

Bottom plates:

Consists of three or four (D> 600) pieces.


Two tone finish. Doors, side panels, roof and frame in RAL 7035 structured powder coating. Keyboard side panels and monitor door top cover in RAL 7015 structured powder coating. Other colour schemes optional.


Special design of roof and side panels for theft security. All panels are only accessible when the doors are unlocked. Your own company name can be inserted in the top cover (option).


IP 44 | IK 10. With keyboard tray opened, reduces to IP 30.

Mounting requirements:

Equipment shelves need to be added.


Frame with fitted rear door, side panels, roof panel, monitor door, keyboard panel, bottom plates and monitor shelf, with clamps to fix the monitor. Delivery also includes earthing bolts. The enclosure is delivered on a pallet identical to the enclosure width. All packing material is recyclable.



Mild steel industrial computer floor standing enclosure, with dedicated accessories and a IP 44 protection degree.


A standard pre-configured enclosure, that has integrated accessories to help mount industrial computers and peripherals. The enclosure's roof and side panels are removable only when the door has been opened.


The enclosure solution reduces customer's labour cost, while increasing their procurement efficiency as the enclosure solution has a single item number, as the dedicated accessories are pre-mounted. The installed components are safe and secure, as internal access can only be gained by using the enclosure's key, which is provided.


Cylinder locks and handles have to be ordered separately for all sections except the keyboard panel, which comes with a cylinder lock as standard.

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