LTSL LED light

This energy saving LED enclosure light can be mounted to any metallic surface and helps perform operations and maintenance in the field.

CE Declaration of Conformity EAC cULus_UL Listed
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Item list

Item no. Description Mounting Dimensions
LTSL5 LED light 5W magnetic fixing Magnet fixing 351 x 34 x 32 mm
LTSL5S LED light 5W screw fixing Screw fixing 351 x 36 x 52 mm
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
CLF L - - Power cable for LTSL light.
DSW - - This door switch will allow lights or other electrical devices to turn on, or off, when the enclosure door is opened.
ADSW - - The door switch for wall mounted enclosures controls electrical devices depending on whether the door is open or closed. A fixation bracket is included.
LTP L - - Connecting cable for LTSL ligths.
COF L - - Female connectors for power cables for LTSL lights.
COM L - - Male connectors for interconnection between LTSL lights.

Technical data


Energy saving lighting system suitable for all types of panels and enclosures, especially where space is at a premium. It is made of transparent plastic. This lamp has a very long service life (around 60,000 h.) thanks to the use of LED technology. The power output allows up to 10 lights to be connected to each other (daisy chain) with both the input and output plugs snap-locking into their sockets.


LED, 120° angle of radiation.


400 Lm.

Power consumption:

5 W max.

Operating voltage:

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz.

Operating temperature:

-30 ºC to +60 ºC.


Connectors with snap lock for power supply and power output.


CE, EAC, cULus_UL Listed.



Energy saving LED enclosure light, available with different voltages and frequencies.


Off the shelf enclosure light, can be installed into enclosures that are located within different countries. The light can be easily mounted onto the enclosure's surfaces.


The enclosure light provides a compact and flexible solution as it can be mounted to any metallic surface. The light ensures both, operation and maintenance procedures can be performed safely, in the field.


It is highly recommended to install a door switch to improve the enclosure's energy consumption.

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