EHV Fan Heater

This high performance fan heater, EHV, has high heating capacity. It uses a fan to distribute the heat generated evenly throughout the enclosure, which means hot spots can be prevented. Water condensation is eliminated, also when the ambient temperature drops sharply.

CE Declaration of Conformity EAC cRUus_UL Recognized
Feature: IP 20
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Item list

Item no. Description Capacity
Air flow m³/h Voltage
EHV100 Fan heater 100W 100 35 230 V AC 50/60 HZ 0.55
EHV150 Fan heater 150W 150 35 230 V AC 50/60 HZ 0.55
EHV200 Fan heater 200W 200 108 230 V AC 50/60 HZ 0.90
EHV300 Fan heater 300W 300 108 230 V AC 50/60 HZ 0.90
EHV400 Fan heater 400W 400 108 230 V AC 50/60 HZ 0.90

Voltage (V): 120 V AC on request.

Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
ETR - - Adjustable temperature thermostat with either a normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contact
EFR - - Fixed temperature thermostat with either a normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contact

Technical data


High performance space saving fan heater to prevent condensation. The fan assists the natural convection for fast distribution of the heat in large enclosures. Mounting clip for 35 mm DIN rail (EN60715). Temperature safety cut-out to protect against overtheating in case of fan failure, automatic reset.

Heating element:

High performance cartridge.


Plastic according to UL94 V-0, and die-cast aluminium.

Fan life:

50.000 h at 25 °C.

Operating temperature:

-45 °C to +70 °C.


3-pole screw connector 2.5 mm².


IP 20, Class I (earthed).



Pack quantity:

1 piece.



High performance fan heater with a high heating capacity.


The large amount of heat generated by the optimised sized heater is distributed within the enclosure using forced air, produced by the heater's fan.


When installed, water condensation will be avoided especially in situations when the ambient temperature dramatically drops. As the air will be distributed by the integrated fan, hot spots within the enclosure will be prevented.


A thermostat with a normally closed contact, ETR or EFR, is recommended in order to control the heater.

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