CABP Outside cable fixing bar

This adjustable cable bar provides a safe way of securing cables underneath the enclosure, which optimises the space inside it. External strains are avoided, protecting the installed equipment from damage.

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Item list

Item no. Description Width
CABP400 Cable fixing bar, 400 400
CABP500 Cable fixing bar, 500 500
CABP600 Cable fixing bar, 600 600
CABP800 Cable fixing bar, 800 800
CABP1000 Cable fixing bar, 1000 1000
CABP1200 Cable fixing bar, 1200 1200
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
PF - - Plinth for mild steel floor standing enclosures with corner pieces and front and rear panels.
PS - - Plinth side panels for mild steel combinable and semi-compact floor standing enclosures.
CAC - - Cable clamps to fix incoming and/or outgoing cables in floor standing enclosures.
SCE - - Profile with gasket for sealing the space around the cables routed between the bottom plates of mild steel floor standing enclosures.
BG - - This gasket maintains the protection degree around cables pulled through the bottom plate in mild steel floor standing enclosures.

Technical data


Suspended below the bottom plates, thereby maximizing the full usable space in the enclosure. Holds standard cable clamps CAC to secure incoming cables. Fully adjustable in depth. When EMC shielded earthing cables are connected to the support bar the Faraday effect will be kept intact for maximum EMI shielding.


2 mm zinc plated steel.

Pack quantity:

2 bars with mounting accessories. For 1200 mm wide, 4 bars with mounting accessories.

Mounting requirement:

Add CAC clamps depending on diameter of cable.



Zinc plated steel exterior cable fixation bar for floor standing enclosures.


The cable bar can be adjusted in depth as it is mounted on the enclosure's frame below the bottom plates. The cable clamps CAC, are used to ensure that cables are securely fastened.


The cable bar together with cable clamps CAC, provide a safe and secure way of mechanically fixing cables underneath the enclosure. External strains on electrical cables are avoided protecting the installed equipment from damage.


The correct cable clamps CAC, depending on the cable's diameter, should be used along with the cable fixation bar.

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