ECFE Earthing straps

This earthing strap is pre-cut and has pre-punched connection holes, which facilitates both procurement and installation.

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Item list

Item no. Description Cross sectional area Holes diam. Current
ECFE1630 Earthing strap 16mm² 120A 16 mm² 8.5 120 A
ECFE2530 Earthing strap 25mm² 150A 25 mm² 10.5 150 A
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
ECP - - Earthing connection kit for panels, mounting plates, and profiles.
ECF - - Earthing connection kit for good contact between earthing leads and the enclosure's frame.
ECFP - - Earthing point with multiple connections to be mounted on the enclosure frame.

Technical data


For earthing and potential compensation between panels, parts and the enclosure's frame.


300 mm.


Tinned electrolytic copper 0.15 mm wire.

Working temperature:

Up to 105ºC.

Pack quantity:

10 pieces.

Mounting requirements:

Add ECF connection set for fixing strap to painted frame.



16 mm² and 25 mm² tinned copper earthing strap pre-cut and pre-punched with connection holes.


The strap is ready for use and can be easily installed between sections of the enclosure.


Ready to use cables ensure that both procurement and installation can be done efficiently. The strap is especially suited to EMC environments.

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