CIB Profiles for 19" profiles fixing

These profiles, for mounting 19" vertical profiles, can be adjusted in depth. They are secured to the enclosure's frame to ensure a strong fixation.

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Item list

Item no. Description Width
CIB600 Supports fixation 19", 600 600
CIB800 Supports fixation 19", 800 800
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
CIP - - Full height 19" profiles with front and side hole patterns for floor standing enclosures.
CIPD - - Full height 19" profiles with a side hole pattern for floor standing enclosures.

Technical data


For fitting 19" vertical profiles CIP/CIPD in 600 mm and 800 mm wide enclosures. Fully adjustable in depth.


3 mm zinc plated steel.

Pack quantity:

2 profiles with mounting accessories.



Zinc plated profiles used in the top and the bottom of floor standing enclosures in width, in order to mount 19" vertical profiles.


The profiles are secured to the enclosure's frame ensuring for a strong fixation. The profiles are available for 600 mm and 800 mm wide enclosures which increases the possible number of configurations.


The 19" profiles can be adjusted in depth without the need for additional accessories. Profiles mounted within 800 mm wide enclosures provide extra space in the sides for cabling, if required.

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Mounting instructions document (PDF) Floor standing CIP_CIB 206 KB