MPF Filler plates

These filler plates provide a flat mounting surface in bayed enclosures when the mounting plate is not fitted flush with the frame. The continuous mounting surface created allows the space to be used more efficiently.

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Item list

Item no. Description Height
MPF1800 Filler plate, 1800 1800
MPF2000 Filler plate, 2000 2000
MPF2200 Filler plate, 2200 2200

For bayed configurations MPD02 must be used along with the fixation brackets supplied with the enclosure and mounting plate. MPA06 must be used if the enclosure comes without fixation brackets. MPF cannot be used with mounting plates if they are installed in the most rear positon.

Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
MP - - Steel mounting plate for floor standing enclosures.
MPD - - Brackets for mounting plate depth adjustment in floor standing enclosures.
MTS - - Top and bottom horizontal profiles that allow for fitting mounting plates from the side into floor standing enclosures.

Technical data


Covers the space between pairs of adjacent mounting plates to provide a continuous working surface, when two enclosures are mounted together.


2 mm zinc plated steel.

Pack quantity:

1 plate with mounting accessories.



Zinc plated steel filler plate, for bayed combinable floor standing enclosures.


The plate provides a continuous mounting surface at the rear within the enclosure assembly.


The available space for mounting components and equipment is increased allowing components to be mounted across the entire width of the enclosure. The continuous mounting surface allows customers to mount components between the two enclosures, ensuring the space is used efficiently.


The mounting plates within the enclosure assembly cannot be mounted in the most rear position, if the filler plate is to be fixed between them.

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