CCM Internal corner baying kit

Easy to mount brackets, without any need for tools, that provides secure and strong baying, which is especially relevant if the enclosures need to be lifted.

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Item list

Item no. Description
CCM04 Baying kit internal corner
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
SPM - - Side panels for mild steel combinable floor standing enclosures.
SPMS - - Side panels for stainless steel combinable floor standing enclosures.
CCI - - Internal baying brackets for combinable floor standing enclosures.
CCE - - External baying brackets, which do not consume space inside the enclosure, for combinable mild steel floor standing enclosures.

Technical data


For extra support when bayed enclosures are fully equipped and require lifting. Can be used together with SPD separation plates.


3 mm zinc plated steel.

Pack quantity:

4 brackets with mounting accessories.



A baying kit, mounted on the interior corners of the profiles, to allow for side-to-side baying of combinable floor standing enclosures.


The strongest baying option available that can be assembled without removing the door and rear panel and without the use of tools.


Reduced assembly time and reliable baying if enclosures are lifted.


These brackets should not be used in combination with a mounting plate if mounted on the side of the enclosure, or in combination with the mounting plate filler (MPF) unless the mounting plates are brought 50 mm forward.

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