LPS Power socket with integrated fuse

Easy to mount power sockets, to be mounted on a DIN rail, for use when external equipment needs to be plugged in.

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Item list

Item no. Description Socket type Weight
LPS10 Socket with fuse Schuko 120
LPS10FR Socket with fuse FR France / Belgium / Czech 120
LPS10CH Socket with fuse CH Switzerland 120
LPS10UK Socket with fuse UK UK / Ireland 120
LPS10USA Socket with fuse USA USA / Canada 120
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
PP - - These DIN rails, with or without hole pattern, can be cut to the desired length.

Technical data


DIN rail mounted electrical socket. Pressure clamp connection for easy and quick wiring.


92 mm x 62 mm x 48 mm.


3 pressure clamps for stranded and rigid wire 0.5-2.5 mm². Integrated fuse 6,3,A 5x20 mm.


Light grey.


Plastic UL 94 V-0.

Pack quantity:

1 piece.



Power socket with integrated fuse and pressure clamp connections, available in a range of socket types.


Off the shelf enclosure socket, can be installed into enclosures that are located within different countries, socket type depending. The socket can be easily mounted into enclosures as it is mounted onto DIN rails.


The socket allows the end user to perform both operation and maintenance procedures easily by providing power points if external equipment requires to be plugged in.

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