ECP Earthing connection for panels | Floor Standing Enclosures

This earthing connection kit secures good contact between earthing leads and mounting plates, panels, and profiles. The kit also facilities both procurement and installation.

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Item list

Item no. Description Bolt size
ECP06 Panel earthing connection M6 M6
ECP08 Panel earthing connection M8 M8
Range Mandatory Accessories Related Accessories Similar accessories Description
ECFA - - Pre-cut earthing cable with connectors for earthing between metallic parts.
ECFE - - Pre-cut earthing strap with pre-punched connection holes for earthing between metallic parts.

Technical data


Earthing connection for fixing the earthing straps and cables to panels, mounting plates or profiles.

Pack quantity:

10 sets.



Earthing connection panel kit for floor standing enclosures.


The earthing connection kit contains all the necessary components to connect earthing cables and straps to floor standing enclosure mounting plates, panels and profiles.


The pre-tested earthing connection ensures that both procurement and installation can be done efficiently.

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