01601 PE/N- support

1-pole busbar support, for a wide range of busbar sizes.

PE/N busbar support Web Product Image
For busbar 12, 20, 30 × 5, 10
N° of Poles 1
Dimensions 20 × 65 × 50
Pack quantity 1 pcs.
Item no.: 01601
EAN no.: 4021267016012
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Technical data


PE/N-support. Individually mountable. N-PE connection easy to make.

Rated voltage:

690 V

Rated isolation voltage Ui:

1000 V

Rated surge voltage Uimp:

6 kV

Short circuit withstand:

14 kA (max 400 mm distance between supports)



Busbar support with 1-pole individual mounting


Fits a wide range of busbar sizes


PE/N solutions can be created esily


Use 01325 to cover the ends

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