01135 Brace terminal

Connection terminals for cables up to 300 mm².

Brace terminals
For busbar 12, 15, 20 × 5, 10
Connection min-max 35 - 150 mm², lam. Cu. 15 × 5 … 20 × 10
For use up to max. 480 A
Pack quantity 6 pcs.
Item no.: 01135
EAN no.: 4021267011352
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Technical data


Brace terminal, up to 300mm², for round conductors. Terminal with captive clamping screws, conductor can be overlapped. Indication of nominal cross-section and tightening torque noted on the terminal.

Rated voltage:

690 V





Brace terminals to be used on flat busbars, so that cables can be connected to the flat busbars


Terminals for a wide range of different connections. 01318 and 01760 are suitable for AL and Cu cables.


A flexible terminal that can be used for diffrent cable dimmensions. Indicataion of the nominal cross-serction and tightening torque is noted on the terminal

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