When it comes to customized solutions Eldon is geared up to meet all needs

2016-07-08 In response to the growing need for customer specific solutions, Eldon has built up extensive capabilities to meet the customization needs of all kinds of customers. The company offers both Express Customization of standard enclosures and advanced customization, which ensures optimal integration of the enclosures into the customer's equipment. In addition, Eldon now undertakes assembly of its own accessories as well as customer-specific accessories. It all adds up to an unmatched degree of customization flexibility.

Express Customization

Express Customization is offered at Eldon’s Service Centers at the company's warehouses located throughout Europe. This means that hole making and cut-outs on standard enclosures can be done locally with short lead times. 

Rectangular and circular cut-outs in any part of the body or door of an enclosure as well as holes and threaded holes in different dimensions can be handled for batch sizes of up to 20 units. A rapid calculation tool on the Eldon website (see one example here: http://www.eldon.com/en-GB/Local-customization/) enables customers to configure their machined enclosure and receive a price quotation for the work immediately.

Advanced customization

To satisfy customers’ needs for more advanced customization, Eldon offers engineering and manufacturing expertise that enables modifications of standard enclosures to meet the very specific requirements of individual customers. Eldon can make enclosures with an array of special solutions: Holes, threading, cut-outs, increased corrosion resistance, custom colours, transparent windows, ventilation louvres, welded studs, and more. 

Customization not only allows the enclosure to integrate nicely with the machine (e.g., colour and adapted dimensions), aesthetics can also be substantially improved by printing on the enclosures.

Assembly of accessories

To further support its customers, Eldon undertakes assembly of accessories listed in the Eldon catalogue, metal accessories produced by Eldon or contracted subcontractors, plus products available with Eldon’s approved suppliers. Joint modification or development together with the customer is always possible. The purpose of the Assembly Service is for Eldon to help customers reduce their costs by taking over some of the labour-intensive assembly work. Eldon can do this thanks to its cost efficient labour resources and efficient assembly capabilities. 

The process includes engineering with the customer, creating drawings and 3D CAD models, as well as the creation of prototypes to ensure meeting exact customer requirements when it comes to price and functionality. 

Eldon makes your life easier

All in all, Eldon wants to make life easy for its customers. Therefore, the company continuously develops its basic, fast customization services, as well as more advanced customer-specific solutions, including engineering with the customers and assembly services if required.




Oana Petrescu
Marketing Communication Manager

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