Eldon releases upgraded floor standing enclosure range

2016-07-08 The fact that Eldon will always go the extra mile to make life easier for its customers is strongly reflected in the new features of its upgraded floor standing enclosure range. These include a new locking system, for increased safety, and stronger, more rigid side panels and bottom plates. New mounting plate brackets and baying brackets enable assembly by only one person and reduce the assembly time significantly. Overall, the new enclosures are faster and easier to assemble, and even safer than before for personnel and components.

Continuous product development has shown Eldon’s customers that responsive listening and reacting in a timely manner are key ingredients for a strong and successful relationship. The improved functionality and aesthetics of units in Eldon's upgraded floor standing enclosure range increase both their usability and attractiveness for panel builders and end-users alike.

New locking system, smoother and even safer

A new, robust locking system on all the floor standing enclosures offers smoother operation. Reliable locking is essential and Eldon has gone the extra mile to ensure that no matter where the enclosures are installed, components will be safe and secure.

With the new locking system and a low absorption gasket for both mild steel and stainless steel enclosures Eldon’s enclosures are safer than ever before. Safety is paramount as electrical enclosures do more than just protect components against the external environment, they also protect personnel and prevent unauthorized access.

New brackets make it easy for one person to assemble the enclosure

Eldon is dedicated to making its customers’ lives easier, which is particularly important for panel builders who work with Eldon enclosures and accessories on a daily basis. With the installer in mind, Eldon has developed baying and mounting plate brackets for which virtually no tools are required. The only exception is that a tool is needed to fasten the mounting plate to the brackets. The assembly time for these key accessories, plus the fact that cage nuts have been eliminated, reduces the assembly time significantly. The new brackets have been tested against the strictest standards for its loading and lifting capability and vibration resistance.

Greater strength and rigidity

Strength not only gives a feeling of quality but also of fitness for purpose. Eldon has invested heavily in its production facility and introduced new manufacturing technology which allows for innovative, advanced bending. Thanks to this new bending technique, Eldon can now offer stronger, more rigid side panels and bottom plates. Eldon’s side panels are also delivered with unique bendings on the top edge allowing them to be hung from the enclosure before fixing. Installation can thus be a one-man job, reducing the customers’ assembly time and improving their bottom line.

New section profile for cable entry, faster installation

A new accessory that offers many of the benefits mentioned above is Eldon’s section profile for cable entry, which is designed to seal the cable entry between floor standing enclosure bottom plates. On this profile the foam which fills the gaps around installed cables is fixed much more securely. Equipped with a click-in fixing that can easily be fixed to the new bottom plate bending, the new profile can be installed much faster, further demonstrating Eldon’s commitment to its customers.

Your perfect enclosure partner!

These new developments, along with the compatibility of accessories across the floor standing enclosure family, further demonstrate Eldon’s ‘easy to work with’ focus. Eldon is a perfect enclosure partner, delivering floor standing enclosures that are smoother to operate, safer for components, easier to work with, faster to assemble, and give stronger protection against the environment.



Oana Petrescu
Marketing Communication Manager

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