Wall mounted combining kit, CK01

Eldon’s new combining kit meets customer demands for consistent product development to sustain a competitive edge in a fierce marketplace.

Eldon launches a new wall mounted combining kit designed to provide customers with enhanced flexibility and more options than ever before.

As part of its efforts to help customers sustain a competitive edge in today’s fierce marketplace, Eldon has launched a new wall mounted combining kit. The kit provides customers with a new, stocked solution that has been externally tested and guarantees IP 66 that enables them to make numerous wall mounted enclosure configurations, including bayed wall mounted enclosures equal to non-standard dimensions.

Eldon’s new wall mounted combining kit contains a gasket that is made from EPDM (Ethylene Propene Rubber). EPDM offers excellent overall properties and is suitable for a wide range of environments, both indoor and outdoor, although it should not be used should not be used in industries where the gasket is exposed to oil or petrol residues as this can degrade the gasket.

Customer advantages:

·         A combined wall mounted enclosure solution that is externally tested to guarantee IP 66;

·         New dimensional requirements for enclosure solutions can be met;

·         Standard stocked product, providing the customer with a fast solution;

·         Puzzle design combining gasket kit can be used on all wall mounted enclosures, from 300 high to 1200 high, 150 deep to 400 deep, from one single kit;

·         The gasket has self-adhesive properties on one side, making sure that the assembly is quick and easy.

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