New filter mat material, same level of protection

Different raw materials are now being used for the filter mats in Eldon filter fans. However, the fans have the same IP54 protection and filter classification G4. Thus the important electronic components in your applications have the same level of protection from contamination and water.

The change in filter mat material is due to adjustments made by suppliers which also affect other manufacturers. For Eldon, the change was an opportunity to examine all current fourth generation filter fans with regard to IP protection and airflow.

Filter packing density increased

Since the new crude fibers are thinner and have a smoother surface, it was necessary to increase the packing density in order to achieve the same filter class, G4. As a result, the new filter mats give a different feel and have a slightly different surface.

Regarding cooling capacity, the deviations in cooling capacity, as opposed to the old revision status of filter mats, are within tolerance. Although the fan’s duty cycle may be extended slightly at the same cooling requirements.

If you are still using our third or second generation filter fans, tested material is also used. Thus, the protection of your components is guaranteed in these situations as well.

If you have any questions, please contact your Eldon representative.