New UDP double door enclosure range with upgraded protection degree

UDP wall mounted enclosures in fiber-glass reinforced polyester are an affordable alternative to stainless steel cabinets for installations in challenging conditions.

Customer advantages:

• Increased protection degree, now IP65

• Suitable for demanding environments

• Accessible and efficient alternative to stainless steel enclosures

• Double insulation for maximum user safety

Eldon has now replaced its entire UDP range of double door enclosures with upgraded units offering an increased protection degree. Every upgrade developed aims to help customers stay ahead in a dynamic industrial market.

While the previous UDP double door wall mounted enclosure complies with IP54, the new version complies with IP65, enabling users to install the cabinets in even more demanding conditions.

Designed for environments such as public utilities, oil refineries, the marine industry, photovoltaic energy, and the petrochemical industry, UDP double door polyester enclosures provide customers with an accessible and efficient alternative to stainless steel enclosures.

UDP wall mounted enclosures have double insulation offering users maximum safety. Different modular enclosures can be combined to achieve larger configurations.

Please note that there is also a change in the part code. The N has been removed, thus UDP125100N becomes UDP125100.