Eldon's floor standing mild steel compact enclosures speed-up assembly, increase flexibility and cut costs

Eldon’s upgraded range of floor standing mild steel compact enclosures are designed to help users further speed-up assembly, reduce their stock keeping needs, improve flexibility and improve their bottom line by cutting assembly and labor costs.

Customer benefits:

  • Reduced assembly time;
  • Reduced stock keeping requirements;
  • Increased mounting flexibility;
  • Lower costs and wastage as profiles are now delivered in a pack quantity of 2 rather than 4.

Eldon prides itself on going the extra mile to make business easier for its customers and, the company’s upgraded mild steel compact enclosures reflect that commitment. Designed to speed-up assembly time, deliver increased flexibility and improve customer’s bottom line, Eldon’s latest mild steel compact enclosures are ideal for use in indoor environments where removable panels are not required.

Eldon’s compact enclosures are the perfect choice when it comes to residential automation and control solutions or for being integrated into larger processing systems or machines.

Improved CLPFK vertical profiles

Closing the gap between Eldon’s compact and combinable enclosures, the new EK range of enclosures are fully compatible with most of the floor standing enclosure accessories thanks to the improved CLPFK vertical profiles, which mirror the combinable enclosure hole pattern in the rear of compact enclosures. This smart solution increases the compact floor standing enclosures flexibility and usability.

The new CLPFK vertical profiles are delivered with a pack quantity of 2, which means 1 pack per compact enclosure. The new item numbers for these rear vertical profiles are:

Item numbers Compatible enclosure height (mm)
CLPFK1200 1200
CLPFK1400 1400
CLPFK1600 1600
CLPFK1800 1800
CLPFK2000 2000


Rivet nuts for the fixation holes in the top of the enclosure and welded nuts for the fixation holes in the bottom

There are more benefits: Eldon will now include rivet nuts for the fixation holes in the top of the enclosure and welded nuts for the fixation holes in the bottom. This means that lifting bolts, plinths and wooden pallets can be conveniently installed and/or removed from the exterior of the enclosure.

Upgraded PF plinths

In order to ensure compatibility with Eldon’s floor standing enclosure plinths (PF), the corners of the plinths have been modified to include an extra hole. This however means that plinths produced before this extra hole was included will not be compatible with the newly manufactured compact enclosures. The plinths were changed at the beginning of 2016 therefore this will only be an issue if you have old stock.

Other improvements

Eldon’s compact enclosures will now be compatible with LE9304, MPA06 and CCB02, while the LE9304K, MPA06K and CCB02K item numbers will be phased out.

Additionally, Eldon will deliver compact enclosures on higher quality wooden pallets used for combinable and semi-compact enclosures.

The FIFO (first in, first out) procedure will be applied as of the launch date, which means customers will receive the improved compact mild steel enclosures once Eldon runs out of stock of the old design. The item numbers of compact floor standing enclosures remain unchanged.