Eldon Customer Zone offers seamless ordering

The Eldon Customer Zone is a dedicated online portal for e-commerce. It enables you to get information and place orders quickly, efficiently and easily, leaving you more time to focus on your core business. Get in the zone and you will find that online ordering has never been easier!

The Eldon Customer Zone is a complete tool for a time-saving, seamless ordering process. Once you have a Customer Zone account, navigating the catalogue and viewing the available options is easy. Icons show when an item is in stock, low on stock or out of stock. You can also research the entire Eldon Catalogue with real time stock, price and availability, as well as integrating your own order history.

Check price and availability

There is also a real time price function and up to date information on product availability.  You can enter the quantity of the items you require and see how many are available now. If the number exceeds the immediate availability the Customer Zone tells you when further stock can be delivered to you.

From here, you can add the products to the order form. However, this is not the only way of ordering. Quick order entry enables you to enter the item number directly and add to the order form.

The order process also supports integration with your own systems allowing you to copy and paste several item numbers and quantities at once into the Customer Zone from another program.

And the advantages don’t end there

Even once an order is being processed or has already been completed it’s possible to look up previous and outstanding orders in your account. Then, from previous order details, you can re-order, find invoices and export the data into Excel.

From easy catalogue navigation to efficient methods of ordering and viewing order history the Eldon Customer Zone is a complete e-commerce and support tool designed to make your life simpler. Get in the zone and try it for yourself!

Eldon Customer Zone