Tankers made in the South West, sold around the world with stainless steel enclosures

Eldon provides stainless steel boxes.

Founded in 1947, Fuller Tankers make innovative vacuum tankers and Jetting equipment for local and water authorities throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and the Far East.

With 25 employees at its purpose built factory in Chepstow, Fuller Tankers specialises in jetting, suction and recycling equipment that demands stainless steel and its resistance to extreme conditions. The company’s main products are Jet Vac3, sludge tankers and combination unit gully cleaners. Fuller Tankers has built groundbreaking equipment that includes the Channel Tunnel cleaning machine and high-pressure runway washers.

Fuller Tankers became the first tanker manufacturer in the UK in 2012 to achieve European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) with the Fuller Recycler – based on a Volvo FM 6 x 2 Chassis Cab. Available as either 18-tonne or 26-32-tonne versions, both truck trucks use the latest technology that enables them to recycle the dirty water collected from the drain to be filtered clean enough to be re-used in the jetting system.

Fuller Tanker prides itself on delivering the best tankers with quality and innovation second to none, backed by its over 50 years expertise in building vehicles acclaimed for their long life and optimum reliability.

High quality expectations
“We are bespoke body-builders and our customers are generally blue chip buyers such as councils, water authorities and private contractors, which means we put high emphasis on the quality of materials supplied to us,” explains Nathan Jones, managing director of Fuller Tankers. He also said the company began working with Eldon in 2002 due to the fast growing introduction of electrical components to drive parts previously powered mechanically.

Eldon's solutions are developed to meet Fuller Tanker's customers' requirements. 

“We first bought wall mounted mild steel enclosures from Eldon, but changed within a couple of years to stainless steel to avoid corrosion problems as the externally mounted boxes are very exposed to harsh conditions,” he said.

Cost, quality and relationship are key factors
Nathan Jones cited factors for deciding upon Eldon included cost, quality and a personal relationship: “The quality of Eldon’s stainless steel enclosures is very good and it is clear that Eldon keeps up to speed in new technologies. We always feel Eldon will step up to the mark if we need help, which is a good reflection of the personal relationship they have developed with us.”

He also said a big advantage of working with Eldon has been its ISO 9001:2008 quality certification and other certificates, which is something Fuller Tanker’s customers is now expecting from all its suppliers. “Having full approval documentation for all the parts of the Fuller Recycler was the reason we were successful in gaining ECWVTA accreditation”, he concluded.

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