Eldon helps Dutch customer deliver unique turnkey hygienic refrigeration solution to Senegalese slaughterhouse

Eldon customized enclosure solutions helped Dutch cold stores company, Geerlofs Refrigeration, create and deliver a unique storage system for a slaughterhouse customer in Senegal.

Eldon’s proven know-how in delivering enclosure solutions for use in food handling environments made the company top choice for Holland-based Geerlofs Refrigeration, when it sought a supplier to provide cabinets for a turnkey hygienic refrigeration solution for a slaughterhouse in Senegal.

Customer problem solved

A turnkey supplier of cold stores to customers in many parts of the world, Geerlofs Refrigeration, has spent the past 85 years building its reputation as a leader in providing storage solutions that will help customers ensure their fresh products stay pristine fresh longer. Customers mainly encompass farmers and growers of flowers, vegetables, potatoes and fruits, but there is now also a growing list of clients who process food stuffs like fish and meat, with very high demands on hygiene. 

Geerlofs’ customers expect the company to provide solutions that harness their decades-long knowledge of fresh products handling with technical knowhow. The Dutch company likes to say that, because they 'know the difference between an apple and a potato, they also know what is the best way to cool and freeze fish or bread products’ – different types of fresh produce require different refrigeration solutions. 

So when Senegalese poultry slaughterhouse company, Sedima, asked Geerlofs Refrigeration to design, assemble and install a complete refrigeration equipment, the Dutch company turned to Eldon to supply enclosures that would help prevent product contamination. Because Sedima serves the fresh and deep freeze market with chickens chilled between 4ºC and -20ºC, demands on hygienic handling are extremely high, with frequent washes of electrical enclosures to remove any particles.

The most advanced parts of Geerlofs’ refrigeration system cools down and freezes the birds, using a spin chiller and three blast freezers for this purpose. In addition, the system requires cold stores and freezer stores, as well as equipment for air conditioning the different processing rooms, and an air handling unit to provide a supply of fresh air supply to the workers. 

Eldon solution

A key element behind ensuring the secure operation of the turnkey solution are the controls, including switch boards and PLC’s with proprietary software. And this is where Eldon’s enclosures became the solution of choice.  Eldon supplied a switch board platform with added value that went far beyond merely supplying a mild steel finish cabinet with high quality hinges and locks. Eldon provided a personalised solution that made assembly simpler for Geerlofs Refrigeration, by allowing the company to build the board outside of the cabinet and then easily slide it in, when ready. 

Thanks to Eldon and Geerlofs Intelligent Storage & Processing System Gispro®, Sedima is now able to run the complete system in an energy conscious way, control it from one single visualisation platform and remotely manage it from anywhere, through the internet.