Providing added value to customers is key to success

Eldon provides a wide range of floor standing enclosures.

EA Elautomation in Västerås, Sweden has been in business for over 60 years offering design, project management, assembly and installation of electrical control equipment, switchgear and distribution panels to customers in the machine building and electrical power sectors.

As an electrical panel builder, EA has positioned itself in a competitive marketplace not only to compete on the back of its vast experience but also by delivering value added to its customers across the power sector, metals and minerals and shipping/goods handling. Applications typically encompass automation and control.

When dealing with customers, EA’s project managers add value by leveraging the firm’s experience to suggest ways for customers to improve their designs. “Our aim is to really help our customers find the right solution for their problems,” says Managing Director Jan-Olof Thunell. He adds: “We then pass on our ideas to our suppliers. For example, when longer series are involved we will ask Eldon to make modifications and implement in their production, which lowers the cost and enables us to pass on the savings to our customers.”

Throughput time and quality counts
Key to EA as a panel builder is flexibility, throughput time and quality. Delivery times of enclosures and components are important because EA in turn must meet tough requirements to satisfy their customers. And not only must enclosure supplies arrive on time but it is vital to be able to start assembly swiftly and easily. For example, dismantling of side panels and doors should be a smooth processes and not result in any lost time.

“Nothing could be easier than changing a door on an Eldon floor mounted enclosure, all you need is a screwdriver,” says Jan-Olof.  “It’s also very positive that Eldon listens carefully to feedback from the guys assembling the panels and then responds with assembly improvements if required.”

Working closely with the customers
“Our customers want to interact closely with us, often already at the design stage,” says Jan-Olof. Proximity and insight is key to all involved.

“Close interaction is something we see that Eldon really focuses on delivering. The Eldon salesperson stays in close contact with us about upcoming projects to discuss delivery details and, if required, smaller modifications. It is also real peace-of-mind to know the sales person is on hand and ready to discuss what we have in the pipeline to ensure instant deliveries and support as and when required. This is something we really appreciate because it reflects our approach to our customers in the same way.”

“We need to be able to provide advice and support as well – to customers and suppliers alike. Our suppliers are our partners and we need to ensure they keep developing the hardware and software and support we need.  We have to be flexible to our customers and expect Eldon to provide us flexibility as well,” says Jan-Olof.

Eldon’s response is to try to meet both required delivery times, make it easy to mount and take care of some of the modifications such as hole making and pre-assembly of certain components when required.

EA continuously develops their internal processes to deliver fault free solutions at the required time, which makes it necessary to work closely with suppliers to get the same results from them. Discussing and sharing ideas with suppliers enables EA to pass on suggestions for improvements to the solutions being provided.

“We are open to recommending a specific supplier to our customers, but this requires a close dialogue and understanding of the needs of us and our customers as well as their customers requirements, ” Jan-Olof concluded.

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