Customer-driven manufacturing

Attention to quality is on everyones mind within Eldon.

We make life easy for all our individual customers by delivering manufacturing excellence geared to making zero defect products that fully meet the specification demanded. That quality manufacturing commitment extends to ensuring all products are made and delivered in an environmental friendly way. At Eldon, we see quality and environmental management as an opportunity rather than a cost and an investment that should pay off handsomely for our customers.

All of us at Eldon know how important high quality enclosures, accessories and support are to you as our customer and to those you provide solutions to.

Meeting the quality and environmental management challenge is about having a customer-first orientation. Quality at every level is a way of life for Eldon and is reflected by top management leadership and commitment, continuous improvement, fast response, employee participation.

Quality assurance and environmental management
To ensure we deliver on our philosophy, Eldon today applies two international standards to its business management framework, one for quality assurance (ISO9001:2008) and one for environmental management (ISO14001:2005).  Implementing ISO9001:2008 has embedded the following guiding principles in our collective mindset and business approach at Eldon:

  • We want to be easy to do business with – quality then become a prerequisite
  • Our products meet customer requirements and operate as expected
  • We are responsive and deliver what is promised.

To achieve these principles, we work both with our suppliers and our own processes. For example, to ensure the materials provided by our suppliers conform with our expectations, Eldon implements initial audits at the supplier’s site. If all goes according to plan, the supplier is added to Eldon’s Approved Supplier List, which ensures that supplier is known throughout our group and regularly monitored.

Incoming goods are also monitored within our warehouses using a tried-and-tested control system in line with internal and international standards notified to our suppliers.

Ceaseless quality drive
To achieve a constant quality output, Eldon has developed a well-defined self-check system monitored by audits performed by trained auditors in Eldon’s quality team. Processes and checks have been defined for each manufacturing station and are monitored and adapted in line with our existing Quality Control plans. When nonconformance is detected, our employees define analysis teams and create actions to correct and eliminate the identified causes with well-known quality tools such as Pareto analysis, Ishikawa analysis, and the 5x why method, for example.

Should any customer complaints be received, we analyze them, react to them, manage the solution and record it so we can change our processes if required. This could mean upgrading one step in the production process, changing methods, or changing suppliers.

Husbanding environment is key to future global prosperity
Similarly, adhering to the Environmental Standard, ISO14000:2005, is key to our belief that husbanding valuable natural resources and protecting the environment is key to everyone’s future prosperity as society and as an individual business.

To ensure the consistent conformance with the above international standards, each manufacturing plant within the Eldon Group is certified and periodically audited by an accredited organization.